Operating with an understanding of how intangible sources of value are developed, nurtured and sustained is increasingly relevant to our performance and impact on the world around us.

Creating value:

Our people, Our places and Our planet


As a business, our intangible sources of value include our people: our team, our guests and the identity of our brand to them, our stakeholders and the relationships we have with each; our places: our properties and the communities that our properties call home and our planet which provides for our every need.

These assets are critical to our long-term growth and development as well as to our impact on the world around us.

Our Responsible Business programme, charts the path to our investment in our people, places and planet.

We as a Company continue, with each year, to improve our focus and reach of our investment into our people, places and planet and have spent much of our 2019 focus on building our Responsible Business growth plan for 2020 and beyond. This report addresses who we are, a review of our 2019 activities and a summary of our approach to the next phase of our journey.


Sustainable Development Goals


We have restructured our Responsible Business programme to align our effort and activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Whilst we were able to relate our activities to most of the 17 SDGs, there were five in particular which were most closely aligned with our purpose and values. These five goals have been reviewed and approved by our Board.

Our People

Our team: ensuring our team members are engaged and feel valued; where our culture which fosters honesty, integrity, accountability; with every team member having access to opportunities for growth and long-term career progression. 


Our guests: ensuring our guests are offered a service that lends itself to creating valuable memories, instilling a brand identity around guests feeling welcome, valued and positively surprised and where they love the energy, providing safe and secure properties and services that offer opportunities for health & well-being and welcome families, meeting delegates and guests staying with us for business or leisure purposes alike. 


Our stakeholders: ensuring well nurtured relationships with our key stakeholders that emphasise fair and mutually beneficial terms. The Group employs a diverse workforce across the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary and Croatia, and we are committed to creating a great place to work for all 4,700 of our team members.


  1. Linking development to learning

  2. Attract and retain talent

  3. Increase diversity in the workplace


  • SDG3
  • SDG4
  • SDG5
  • SDG8

Our Places

2019: Engaging and supporting the local communities that our properties call home. 


The Group is committed to supporting and making a positive contribution to the communities in which we develop, own and operate hotels, resorts and campsites, restaurants, bars and spas. 


As well as supporting central corporate charities, each of our hotels operates its own unique community activities throughout the year. They do this in a number of ways including fundraising, volunteering and in-kind giving. 


At a hotel level, we support a variety of charities in our local communities. This includes helping disadvantaged children and their families, elderly people, homelessness, and promoting arts and culture. 


Although our combined activities continue to make positive local level impacts, we have identified a need for better reporting of our inputs, outputs and impacts. In 2020, we have committed to developing a strategic community plan aligning to our core business purpose. In the fourth quarter of 2019 we also signed up to the London Benchmarking Group in order to effectively report on our community activities in 2020.


  1. Increasing our charity initiatives and volunteering

  2. Contributions and investments with our local community

  3. Engagement with our local community


  • SDG10
  • SDG11
  • SDG17

Our Planet

2019: Investing in the wider climate and doing more to ensure we protect the planet which sources our every supply. 


The sustainability of our operations is externally certified and our hotels in the UK and the Netherlands are certified under Green Key, Green Globe, Green Tourism and Travellife memberships. All of these certifications are recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).


  1. Reduce carbon footprint

  2. Reduce water usage

  3. Reduce waste and recycle more

  4. Increase the use of ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials


  • SDG6
  • SDG12
  • SDG13